DesignLine® Cabinets

Spec-Rite Designs’ exclusive DesignLine® Cabinets are stylish, durable and fully customizable. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, they are water, scratch, impact and graffiti resistant and rustproof inside and out. With the perfect blend of design and function, Spec Rite Design’s line of phenolic cabinetry and casework is unsurpassed in its value and durability. 

Throughout the design, fabrication, installation, and maintenance phases of your project, Spec-Rite Designs offers a fully customizable product and an exceptional level of service. Each DesignLine® Cabinet is completely modular and shipped fully assembled to allow ease of installation, future expansion or renovation.

In addition to customization, DesignLine® cabinets offer exceptional durability. Each cabinet is constructed using phenolic resin panels and mechanically fastened components. Solid phenolic panels are non-porous and non-microbial and will not absorb moisture or support the growth of bacteria or molds. Spec-Rite’s phenolic cabinets are also highly impact and scratch resistant and withstand a variety of cleansers and chemicals, making them virtually maintenance free.

Spec-Rite Designs is proud to offer GREENGUARD™ certified material from the world’s leading panel manufacturers including, Trespa®, Formica®, Pionite®, and Wilsonart® available in hundreds of colors, patterns, wood grains and core options.